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3 July 2020

Trypanocides innovation ‼️! >

While the trypanosomosis season is in full swing throughout Africa, we invite you to discover VERYL®. This product, developed by the Ceva laboratory, combines diminazene and levamisole. Two treatments in one single injection for a better and faster recovery of your animals. To discover everything you must know about this global innovation on the trypanocides market, quickly watch this video !...

16 June 2020

Webinar ===> JOIN US JUNE 24th >

#COVID19 is disrupting the global dairy sector. To help your business navigate better in these turbulent times, Ceva is inviting you to join a FREE webinar on June 24th at 19:00 CET. Dr. Torsten Hemme, dairy expert and IFCN Dairy Research Network CEO, will talk about the current dairy situation and the possible outlook for the next 12 months. This seminar will be dedicated to Middle East and...

11 June 2020


Ceva continues to raise awareness and fight against Coronavirus, this time by targetting the younger generation. Handwashing facilities were donated to a Cameroonian high school established by a farmer cooperative. The children thanked Ceva in their own special way.

4 June 2020


We already informed you about VECTOCLOR, our reference product to effectively protect your animals against flies, ticks and other external parasites. Our previous video was showing you the correct way to SPRAY your animals. This new video is to present you with the POUR-ON version of VECTOCLOR.

26 May 2020


How to protect effectively your animals against flies, ticks and other external parasites which can transmit diseases and reduce your animal's performance? -> Watch this video to get more information about our reference product, the VECTOCLOR, and the good way to SPRAY your animals.

14 May 2020

Frequent asked questions on our reference product, VERIDIUM® >

Wondering what is the best product to effectively treat your animals against trypanosomiasis, but also to protect them during several months? In the fight against trypanosomiasis, VERIDIUM® is the reference product all over Africa! Find all the details about this product in this video

5 May 2020

Ceva stands by your side >

Communication campaign #CevaAfrica #StillByYourSide   During this complex and uncertain time, Ceva's 25 agents in Intertropical Africa enable us to remain present in the field while our travels are prohibited. Unfortunately, due to the health risk around Coronavirus, field meetings with vets or farmers are now impossible in some countries of our area. No more traditional discussions under the mango...

11 December 2019

The Ceva Intertropical team honoured by a visit from three ministers to its stand at SARA, the largest agricultural fair in West Africa >

From left to right: Mathieu Patriat: Operations Manager, West and Central Africa, Dr F. Abena: Ceva agent, Cameroon, The Minister for Agriculture: Ms Thoko Didiza, Dr Reza Bentaleb: Poultry Manager Intertropical Africa Dr Omer Akesse: Ceva agent in RCI, The French Minister for Agriculture: Mr Didier Guillaume, Mr Mathieu Patriat: Operations Manager, West and Central Africa This week the Ceva...

20 September 2019

Cardio Symposium Human - Veterinary 2019 (September 17 - Milan) >

20 September 2019

Ceva partners with Biotecon Diagnostics to introduce a real-time test kit to fight growing problem of salmonella on pig farms >

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