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23 April 2015

Collaboration between the University of Egerton and Ceva to fight the trypanosomosis >

Ceva wishes to thank the University of Egerton (Kenya) for its welcome… During a day, these two institutions have collaborated in order to present some data and solutions to fight the trypanosomosis in Intertropical Africa to the new veterinary generations in order to prepare the future… We hope that this day is a beginning to a stronger partnership between these two institutions respecting our value…...

15 September 2014

The Ramis (Maghreb Poultry Meetings) become the RAAIS (African Poultry Meetings) >

We inform you that the Rencontres Avicoles du Maghreb (RAMIS – Maghreb Poultry Meetings) become the Rencontres Avicoles de l'Afrique (RAAIS – African Poultry Meetings). The Institut technique de l'aviculture (ITAVI, or technical institute for aviculture), in partnership with Ceva, will still be in charge of their organization for the International Livestock Trade Fair (SPACE).  The aim of these...

7 July 2014

Poultry African Meeting (RAAIS) - SPACE Rennes (France) - September 2014 >

Every year, the Poultry Maghreb Meeting (RAMIS) organized within the international breeding show (SPACE in Rennes - France), by the poultry farming technical Institute (ITAVI - France) in partnership with Ceva, is a huge success. We would like to inform you that as of now, this will become the Poultry African meeting (RAAIS), still organized by the poultry farming technical Institute (ITAVI - France)...

5 May 2014

Ceva hosts 2nd Biotech innovation day in the US >

Industrial know-how partners emphasize benefits of working together

13 April 2014

National cattle show in N'Gaoundéré (Cameroon) >

From April 4th to 6th, 2014 in N'Gaoundéré, the first national cattle show was organized in order to promote breeding in Cameroon.

3 April 2014

Veterinary drug regulation in the West African Economic and Monetary Union >

ABSTRACT : Marketing authorization procedure of veterinary drug.

30 March 2014

Ceva contributes to optimize dairy cattle performance to fulfill increasing global mild demand >

The 2nd reprodAction Cattle Symposium gathered 300 cattle reproduction specialists in Nice (France) to improve the current reproductive management.

18 March 2014

SOS - Ceva sponsored 3V vets carry on the fight against Sleeping Sickness >

SOS - Ceva sponsored 3V vets carry on the fight against Sleeping Sickness Ceva has been helping to fight the deadly disease sleeping sickness since 2006 in Uganda. This mini-documentary shows how after launching a massive campaign to treat 500,000 cows in the African bush with our 3V products - Veriben, Veridium and Vectocid. Ceva has now sponsored 5 young veterinarians to establish their own practices...

11 December 2013

Ceva and Sogeval in exclusive negotiations to create a global leader in animal health >

French veterinary pharmaceutical companies Ceva Santé Animale, based in Libourne, and Sogeval (a subsidiary of Sofiprotéol), based in Laval announce the opening of exclusive negotiations to create a future alliance. The management teams of the two French companies are looking into a strategic alliance that would give them a strong position among the world leaders in animal health. • Sogeval, 5th...

7 October 2013


Ceva launches new Vectormune website

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