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3 October 2016

RAAIS 2016 >

Avian influenza still making noise all around the world, including Africa... The 3rd African avian meeting Itavi Space (RAAIS) made  it  central item the September 14th with a close-up on “new generation” HVT-AI  vectorized vaccine , which were presented as a relevant solution in the countries where the disease became endemic.

27 June 2016

Reproduction Symposium organized in Abidjan: >

Ceva Animal Health organized in Abidjan the 1-2 of June a symposium on the Reproductive management in Tropical area.

1 June 2016


24 April 2016

RAAIS 2016 >


24 February 2016

Launch of Intertropical Africa ReprodAction Website >

Ceva Sante Animale has always demonstrated its commitment to Innovation.

19 October 2015

New website Avian-influenza-vaccines >

Along with the corporate poultry marketing team we made a new website and we need you to add a link to it on your dispatch page in order to bring new traffic to the website. Avian-influenza-vaccines and we need you to add a link to it on your dispatch page in order to bring new traffic to the website. Here is a video showing how to do this: click here to see...

19 October 2015


Ceva santé animale shows again its expertise on vector vaccines, after many countries that adopted Vectormune® AI as a solution to fight avian influenza, the USDA/APHIS has announced the decision to stockpile 100 hundred million doses of Vectormune® AI as one of the two selected vaccines in further preparation program for potential outbreaks. Non industry media links :

30 September 2015

Ceva Symposium on AI >

Please find below the recorded presentations done at the Ceva Symposium on AI You can acces here:

29 July 2015

Ceva ReprodAction Symposium in Kenya >

Optimizing the reproductive management is one of the major factors influencing the efficiency of dairy and beef production. For this reason, Ceva Animal Health organized the 9th of July a symposium on the Reproductive health management in Nairobi.

6 May 2015

Very launching >

Ceva Intertropical Africa is pleased to present you VerY !!!

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