Commitment for trypanosomosis control

Every year Trypanosomosis kills 3 million cattle in Africa and costs 4,5 billion dollars

Every year Trypanosomosis kills 3 million cattle in Africa and costs 4,5 billion dollars (FAO –2002).


  1.  Drop in overall productivity

  2.  Decrease of milk production

  3.  Immunosuppression and development of intercurrent diseases

 4.  Reduction of work capacity (especially important in terms of ability to plough)

These “hidden” production losses need to be added to the direct cost of mortality.

As Ceva we are committed to the control of trypanosomosis through :

  • Research and development

In terms of research, a major breakthrough was made in 2009 by Professor Theo Baltz and Doctor Virginie Coustou of the University of Bordeaux II. They developed the first satisfactory method for in vitro production of ‘T. Congolense’. This tool, developed with the support of Ceva, will allow researchers to gain a better understanding of the disease, and thus to devise means and methods of controlling it.

In addition to these long-term projects, Ceva has established a number of short-term partnerships with local and international research institutions, in order to continue developing innovative, sustainable methods of controlling disease vectors.

  • Customer relationships
  • Partnership & support (Institut, University, School)
  • Field work
  • Training and accompaniment

Ceva has assembled a network of professional animal healthcare partners over the years, each of whom works with assistants. Their role (in addition to selling our products) is to promote the improvement of animal healthcare, and thus increase productivity. Every year they organise and run hundreds of training and information sessions to make sure that farmers are aware of the correct methods for using medicines, particularly trypanocides. The integrated control methods for trypanosomiasis are the main focus of these programmes.

  • Tools and services designed to achieve better disease control

Ceva has developed educational tools for this purpose, and drawn up medical guides in collaboration with our scientific partners, such as CIRAD (the Centre for International Cooperation on Agronomic Research to Stimulate Development).

  • Always leading the way in developing more innovative trypanocides.

Ceva has developed an adapted & innovative products such as the first trypanocide ready to use (VERIBEN Solution) or the first trypanocide with a long acting vitamin B12.

  •  A range perfectly adapted to the control of trypanosomiasis

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