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Ceva is currently ranked in 3rd place globally for poultry vaccines manufacturers (2009) & number one on IBD vaccines. Gumboro disease or Infectious Bursal Disease (IB D) is one of the most widespread viral diseases in poultry...

Ceva is currently ranked in 3rd place globally for poultry vaccines manufacturers (2009) & number one on IBD vaccines.

Gumboro disease or Infectious Bursal Disease (IB D) is one of the most widespread viral diseases in poultry production.

Since the early 90’s, the very virulent form of IB D has appeared in West Europe and spread quickly to Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle-East, Asia and South and North America.

Very virulent Gumboro causes :

• Acute outbreaks with high mortality, up to 70% in layers and 30% in broilers.

• The morbidity rate is very high and could reach 100%.

• Depression, anorexia, ruffled feathers and whitish diarrhea.

• Bursa de Fabricius is found swollen, gelatinous or hemorrhagic

• Pectoral and thighs muscles are frequently hemorrhagic.

Classical or subclinical Gumboro causes uneven growth rate and immunosuppression:

• Enhancing the susceptibility to other infections,

• Eliciting a suboptimal immune response to live attenuated vaccines and Affecting productive parameters

Prevention strategy against all forms of Gumboro

Prevention programs including biosecurity must be combined with an efficacious vaccination program.


• The vaccination strategy is based 1st on the vaccination of the breeders.

• Selection of adapted attenuated live and inactivated IBDV vaccines.

• With the advent of new vaccine technologies as CEVAC TRANSMUNE IBD, hatchery vaccination has become the tendency for many poultry companies.

• However, for many producers vaccination on farm is still the most preferred and suitable solution.


THE reference for hatchery  vaccination

  • Innovative combination of safety and efficacy against IBD
  • No need for vaccination date determination
  • Mass vaccination with individual adjustment
  • Optimal flock coverage

Cevac Transmune IBD is an immune-complex live IBD vaccine, for broilers. It protects against classical (sub-clinical and very irulent) IBD. It is administered by in-ovo or s/c injection and protects the chicken for it's entire life. There is no need for farm revaccination.


CEVAC® TRANSMUNE IBD vaccine combines the well known vaccine strain “Winterfield 2512” with its homologous antibodies. The immune complex formed by antigen + antibody temporarily protects the virus from the neutralization by maternal antiboies, modulating the process of vaccinal replication to the right time


-Thanks to their powerful action, Intermediate Plus vaccines are the only ones able to protect birds with high levels of maternal antibodies.

-Intermediate Plus vaccines have demonstrated to be the right tool against very virulent Gumboro without impairing the immune response.

The right technique at the right time

-The goal is to protect the chickens by vaccination before contamination by the IBD field virus.

-But chickens can be protected by vaccination only when the vaccine is not neutralized by the maternal antibodies.

-Cevac® IB D L is able to replicate quicker than the field strain and is able of overcoming medium and high maternal antibodies level.

THE reference for field vaccination

 Ceva’s Winterfield 2512, is the original vaccine strain

-It originates from the first case of IBD (Gumboro, Delaware, USA ).

-Prof. Winterfield developed 2512 vaccine strain working at Purdue University and for the company that later became CEVA.

-Scientists at CEVA developed the final product. The method and number of passages is exclusively part of Ceva’s know-how. This makes the difference all around the world.

Early and strong protection against vvIBD and classical IBD

Cevac® IB D L, is the right tool against very virulent and all other forms of Infectious Bursal Disease thanks to:

Cevac® IBD L is the best solution for drinking water vaccination

-The spreading ability of Cevac® IBD L is an advantage for field vaccination.

-Gumboro virus needs to replicate on lymphoid structures of the gut before to reach the bursa, this is why is strongly advised to give IB D live vaccines through drinking water.

Gumboro, CEVA’s expertise.

-Expertise is backed by more than two decades of field presence, hundreds of dedicated people and billions of vaccinated birds.

-Thanks to this knowledge, CEVA produces the widest range of Gumboro vaccines in the market.

 Guaranteed SAFETY

-Any live Gumboro vaccine MUST colonize and replicate in the bursa to provide protection; live vaccines induce mild, transient, and reversible changes in the bursa without any impact on the health of the bird;

-Several studies show that Cevac® IB D L does not compromise immune competency. The Newcastle response in SPF birds after 4 days application of Cevac® IB D L was optimal according European Pharmacopoeia protocols.

-Improved performances and income recorded worldwide after the use of Cevac® IB D L would be impossible in immunocompromised birds.

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