Ceva vector vaccine symposium now available as a web-seminar

The highly successful vector vaccines symposium organized by Ceva this October in San Diego can now be viewed online.

The site www.vector-vaccines.com now includes a scientific web seminar, which allows participants to gain first hand knowledge from the experts who presented during the symposium:

  • Ceva R&D team presents the technology, construction and registration aspects of vector vaccines.
  • Dr. Jagdev Sharma, (Arizona State University, USA) underlines the advantages of using HVT as a vector to control infectious diseases such as Newcastle Disease, Avian Influenza and Infectious Bursal Disease in poultry. HVT vaccines make possible mass application in the hatchery. Dr Deoki N. Tripathy (DVM, MS, PHD, Diplomate ACVM, ACPV) highlights the interest of using the Fowl Pox virus as a vector due to its efficacy, safety and cost of application.
  • The benefits of vector vaccines demonstrated in the lab and field were presented by Prof. Thierry Van den Berg (CODA-SERVA, Belgium), Dr. Gregg Cutler (Cutler Associates), Dr. Jack Rosenberger (Aviserve LLC, Delaware, USA), Dr. Tom Holder (independent consultant in the US) and Dr. Carlos Barranon of PATSA SA in Mexico.

The vector vaccine symposium hosted 280 participants from diverse backgrounds including poultry production, poultry health, regulatory authorities, leading research institutes and universities. The event
created a unique opportunity to share information and experiences between leading scientists and poultry professionals about the use of vector vaccines in poultry today.

Ceva is committed to promoting the exchange of knowledge between experts from all health fields – animal, human and public, in order to develop safer and more efficient animal protein production for the Worlds growing population. Feedback received from those participating directly, showed a high level of interest in the technology of vector vaccines and how best to incorporate them into practical operation as a new set of tools to achieve better disease control in poultry.

You can share the same experience by visiting the free web seminar at www.vector-vaccines.com

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